Stage Fever - A fever of stage power!

A cover band that warms up every party. You will hear your favorite hits performed by a professional band. You will feel the sounds that pump up your energy for an unforgettable fun.

What makes a good party? A mixture of joy with a hint of craziness.

And if you add "corporate" to the word "party", will the answer be the same? Of course it will! Provided that you place a bet on STAGE FEVER, excellent and proven music team for every event. We play live, delivering a powerful dose of musical fever. We offer an unusual mix of warming up DJ sets with heavy sounds of the band. Our team is made up of professional musicians and vocalists, who play on a daily basis alongside the biggest Polish stars like Lady Pank, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Kasia Kowalska and Mezo. The result is an explosive blend, which invites you to take part in the unforgettable fun! 

We fill the club with hits in arrangements similar to the original, enriching them with extra energy.

Everything on one stage during the events, which will become a new pattern of perfect fun for their participants. Stage Fever is a guarantee of successful dance fun during club, corporate, event, television and outdoor parties, as well as banquets and balls. We do not play our musical hits starting from A to Z from a bland setlist on which we previously agreed on. We are having fun together with the audience, we respond to their suggestions, we invite you to the dance floor to have fun together. We give you entertainment which you usually do not experience with friends, acquaintainces and co-workers. We provide satisfaction to both lovers of classic hits as well as to the fans of modern sounds, not just those known from the radio. We join together generations, we mix musical genres and create a show that going to be remembered for a long time!

STAGE FEVER BAND greatly enhances the experience of:

• Club parties

• Balls and Banquets

• Television and outdoor parties

• Event parties • Corporate parties

An excellent music band can play a top-level show in any situation, for the most diverse audience!

STAGE FEVER has its own way of enlivening even the most stubborn bystanders and passive watchers of the fun. We are infectious with our love for music, we inject the right dose of craziness, we are the cure for boredom, stillness and monotony.

When a good party is accompanied by your favorite music, it creates an electrifying connection that brings a lot of fun and positive emotions. Let yourself be driven by the sound of wonderful live performances played by professionals having a rich stage experience.

Are you still not convinced, what is the best music band for a corporate event? Fill in the contact form. We will dispel any doubts, answer all questions, discuss the details and service rate. We go crazy on stage, but we work professionally, with particular attention to the individual points of the contract and meeting deadlines. We provide modern sound system and lighting, and above all, a well-acquainted team of musicians and singers. Meet the people who make up our team:

a good band


Drummer, creator, manager and the thinking mind behind the Stage Fever project. On a daily basis, he plays with Sylwia Grzeszczak, 'Chemia' ('Chemistry') rock band, and he has also been the drummer of the most popular entertainment television show in Poland, 'Jaka to melodia?' ('Guess this tune') for twelve years.

cover band


Vocalist - she has collaborated with such stars as Mezo, Kasia Wilk, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Doda or Kate Ryan. Participant of the second edition of the television show 'Bitwa na Głosy' ('Voice Battle') in MEZO team.

music band for a corporate event


Guitarist - on a daily basis, he is associated with the legendary band, Lady Pank

music band for the event


Semi-finalist of the third edition of "The Voice Of Poland" in the team of Tomson and Baron. Participant of such television shows as 'Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo IV' ('Your Face Sounds Famous IV') and 'Szansa Na Sukces' ('Chance for Success'). On a daily basis, he appears on TVP1 show 'Jaka to melodia' ('Guess that tune'). 

a good band


Bass guitar player - plays with Kasia Kowalska. 


Mateusz Ziółko, Magdalena Tul, Mateusz Grędziński, Kasia Dereń, BIBa, Duże Pe, Damian Ukeje, ARO and BILGUUN. 

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