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Stage Fever Show is a musical mix of highly energetic personalities that will satisfy even the most discriminating listener. It's a show that is characterized by exceptional precision and attention to quality - only in our team do instrumentalists also dance, which we can not often observe in the domestic music market.
Our lineup is always two frontmen - female and male vocals, drums, guitars and a brass section. Each of our musicians, is outstanding in his field, plus their personality and stage charisma make us one of the best line-ups in Poland! Our musicians perform alongside top Polish stars such as Sylwia Grzeszczak, Robert Gawlinski with his band Wilki, Lady Pank and Kasia Kowalska.

On stage, we give our best, and after the event is over, we remain on the lips of the gathered guests for a long time! Add to that perfectly choreographed, visuals, beautiful sound, striking lighting - and we have a recipe for a premium event band.


We are a band that performs with a seven-member lineup with a brass section, guitars, drums, and two vocalists - a female voice and a male voice. We offer you professional musical accompaniment for the celebrations that are important to you, and with the utmost care, we will cooperate with events such as:




We tailor our offer to the client's needs, so with us you can also organize an event for guests from all over the world! Each of our artists speaks English, plus we have the ability to rotate the repertoire to suit the needs of the international client.
In order for you to have a full reception of our show, we are always accompanied by light and sound engineers - they are part of our team. As a result, the quality of our show is always the same. We enrich you with an excellent listening experience, thanks to our attention to every sonic detail. With visualizations and light arrangements - you can additionally admire the intricately prepared choreography.
The repertoire we play is a musical feast, where the greatest Polish and world hits are served. They are seasoned with a huge dose of positive energy and love for music. We have the drive and even the power to do great things. We inspire, we blaze musical trails, but we also demand of ourselves, because our goal is the best party you've ever been to!

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